I love all forms of design: first as a means of clear communications and second, as a form of expression, especially when my designs are able to connect cross cultures, which brings me to my other passion. exploring other cultures and ways of life through travel.

It's been my privilege to visit over 30 countries on over 5 continents. My experiences and passion for adventure, allow me to see the world through a different lens. be it hot-air ballooning over the masai mara, exchanging artifacts with the natives, or trekking in the himalayas while staying in the monastery. scuba-diving in the great barrier reef, or opening my eyes to the aboriginal arts, taking walks in the rainforest and trying to pick up the local language while teaching mine. rock climbing and rappelling, or sky-diving outside denver. you know, it's true what they say, the world is your playground... and there's just so much to appreciate.

Pole dancing and yoga are my mantra for physical fitness as chess is for my mental stimuli. Karate was a disipline while growing up. i love to dance (i was in a professional dance troupe in india).

Hope you enjoyed seeing my work as much as i did, creating it!

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